Dental Implants

Dental implants are the best treatment option for replacing missing teeth, a dental implant is a "root" device, usually made of titanium, used in dentistry to support restorations that resemble a tooth (crown) or group of teeth to replace missing teeth (fix bridges).

The implants are placed within the bone, the bone of the jaw accepts and osseointegrates with the titanium post, this means the implant surface fusions with the surrounding bone.

Why New Smile Dental Group

Located in Costa Rica, New Smile Dental Group offers you the latest and the most-technologically advanced dental implants available anywhere, at an affordable cost. 

New Smile Dental Group offers a friendly and comfortable professional environment equipped with state-of the art technology including digital radiography and photography, computerized imaging and data collection systems. All doctors affiliated to ADA, AAID, ICOI, and CCDCR.

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Why Costa Rica

In Costa Rica patients can save an average of 70% of the costs of most procedures. SAME QUALITY WORK, MUCH LOWER PRICES. This is because of the difference in how Costa Rica treats malpractice. In Costa Rica there are no big payoffs and very few people sue for malpractice, making the mandatory insurance policies much lower than in the USA. The Costa Rican court system holds proving malpractice to a much higher standard than the U.S. because IN COSTA RICA MALPRACTICE IS A CRIME PUNISHABLE BY A PRISON SENTENCE. This type of legal structure is a great disincentive both for malpractice and absurd claims of damages that have destroyed the sense of balance in the system in the U.S.A.

Costa Rica became the third most popular destination for North Americans seeking medical tourism procedures, while you recover your smile, you can enjoy beautiful beaches, volcanoes, natural wildlife, rainforest, amazing coffee, amongst other activities. 


Same Day dental implants

The terminology Same Day Dental Implants or “Immediate Load Dental Implants”, refers to the process of the implant and crown completed in just one stage and requires only a few days; however, it is commonly misunderstood. Some patients expect to have their teeth removed and replaced with a number of dental implants all at the same time.

The dental implant device and the abutment are integrated in just one piece, so the patient starts using the implant as a natural tooth immediately after its placement.

This type of dental implants are placed under special conditions; however, there are limitations due to the risk of failure presented by the fact that the masticatory forces will be putting too much stress over the device once it has been placed.

Two stage dental implants

The Two Stage Dental Implants or Traditional Dental Implants are used in cases when more of a margin of safety is required. Since it is generally safer and wiser not to subject an implant to biting forces until it is fully healed and integrated with the supporting bone.

These implants are “submerged” under the gums for 4 to 6 months and then, the implant will be exposed to insert the abutment in order to allow the crown and/or bridge to be attached.

Typically, the “Two Stage Dental Implants” can be used in any case (individual or multiple missing teeth as well as full mouth restoration); however, it is always necessary to evaluate each individual patient's bone level and general dental condition.