A first-class clinic

My name is Tom Fagan and I live in Florida, to come to Costa Rica was an important decision in the beginning. I have had a lot of dental work in my life and I understood Costa Rica is a wonderful place for dental and I had a few interviews with different dentists in Costa Rica and I basically fell in love with Dr. Mario Bonilla and this clinic.

And I been coming here now for more than 4 years and I have been very satisfied with all the work they did here and taking care of me extremely well by all the people associated to this clinic.

I could see with the dental work that I had previously all my life, that this was a first-class clinic. I can tell you right away that this is a first-class clinic, even from other interviews that I had in Costa Rica before I did find New Smile.

I had many implants made here and new bridges made here at New Smile and I had very little pain and very little discomfort. Wonderful work and I am so happy I would recommend anyone to come to New Smile.

Costa Rica is so easy to come to, San Jose is a wonderful city, and it is very convenient to come from the United States to Costa Rica.

I found many times that in the United States they are very skeptic to do this and do that. Or that I had to go somewhere to do an extraction and go to another place to do the implant and it seemed to me that there were many different dentists working and many different places to which I should go. Which is different here, where they have done everything to me and I am very satisfied.

When my wife first came to Costa Rica with me, at that time we did not think she would have any work to do here, and when she saw this wonderful clinic and people here she had extensive work done. And we are very satisfied with the work and I recommend it to many people in the United States, friends and not friends. I gave them brochures and I understand that they have been very happy with new procedures here at New Smile Dental Group.

I have traveled around the world. I was an airline pilot and been in many, many countries and I mentioned to my wife this morning on my way to the clinic how beautiful and clean this city is and what a beautiful country it is. In fact, we cannot wait to go to do rafting and zipline, see the volcano and do tours because it is a wonderful country. And I've been around the world and I like Costa Rica it is so convenient for Americans to come here. I am extremely satisfied, I have four years to come here and this is probably my fourth extensive visit here. And I would like to believe that I did not take good care of my teeth as I got older and that's why they had to do a lot of work for me here. But the work has been wonderful and I am very satisfied.

Thomas Fagan
08 August 2019