Equal quality as USA

Hi, my name is Dennis Smith and I'm from Oregon. I came down here to get my dentistry and take a little time to recharge my batteries from the cold country here in beautiful Costa Rica.

The first time I came here, I brought my wife and it was when I found out about dental tourism. I was very fortunate to bring her here, she had major work done, and then we visited Puerto Jimenez and then we came back.

I fell in love with this place because of the way we were treated by the people, including if I speak very little Spanish I am not fluent but I can understand easily. The weather, the atmosphere, the food. The people, the people eat fresh food and the water is fresh as I said the diet of the people here leads to a long life and longevity. I love the concept of the TICO people. I've never had a bad experience here. To be perfectly clear there are two reasons why I do the work here: the work is of equal quality here and the price is almost 50% less.

The standard for living in dentistry and having dental work in the United States the reason is that dentists are so competitive that prices have going so high. In America it is very difficult to get dental insurance I am a retired person from the federal government, I worked for the federal government almost 40 years and I could not get dental insurance so I paid it out of my pocket.

So for me to come to Costa Rica and say listen I want to get 2 crowns I need two crowns. A crown in America is $1,200 to $ 1,500 dollars in Costa Rica is $400 to $500, that covers your plane ticket and a couple of nights in a hotel so that monetarily is reasonable.

I love the way young people are here, dentists here, young women and young men the way these wonderful people are employed they are always friendly to give their best effort and for me the quality of work I have no complaint whatsoever I never had a bad experience on four different trips myself. This is the third time I have dentistry here in New Smile. I recommend it, in fact, two of my friends already came, following my steps and bringing their wives and staying in the Cristina near here. They came to New Smile and they had quality work done. They had a wonderful experience in Costa Rica and they will come back if they need more work in the future.

The first time I came here I thought that the X-Ray machine was very unique, really enjoyed that, when it goes around you I found out that it is from Norway or Switzerland or something.

The care I received is extensive in other words the people here spend time with you. They are not in a hurry, they are not in a hurry to finish and they have a big difference there. Staying where I stayed a lot of the people in the Cristina Hotel are from around the world and they need dental implants more than all people of my age or a little older they need dentistry or dentures and implants and they are here not only because of their personal economy but also for good care.

There is so much fear in America now that people are afraid to go to other places, they have a stigma about the Hispanic people because they think it will be of low quality but they are wrong. Because the training that people receive here is universal, the equipment that they use is high technology and you're seeing a person who has been here four times and had a good experience.

Dennis Smith
20 August 2019