The dental implants are perfect

Giving a recommendation for New Smile is the easiest decision I have made in a long time. 
As you know I was referred to New Smile by a friend here in the United States. They had done extensive research regarding dental care outside the United States and even traveled to Costa Rica. After a few false starts with other dental clinics, they settled on New Smile. The prices I was quoted in Colorado for implants was way over what I was willing to pay so I decided to give New Smile a shot. From the initial contact and scheduling to the completed dental implants the service was not only impeccable but very friendly but also professional. As a lawyer I have had decades of experience with other professionals. As you know because of my wife's cancer and many surgical procedures personally and the fact that one daughter is a very successful physician and my other daughter is married to an equally successful physician I also have the experience to evaluate medical and dental professionals.
Beginning with the initial contact and scheduling the service was impeccable and extremely excellent. The clinic has all of the various disciplines and equipment necessary for complete dental treatment and care all the way from licensed dentists in addition to Dr. Bonilla, an oral surgeon, a complete lab, drivers, CT scan expertise and all the other requirement for complete care. The equipment was state of the art. The staff was extremely cordial and even helped with non-dental needs such as the day trip in Costa Rica you arranged for me. 
The dental implants are perfect and I have experienced no issues or problems and they are even more of an improvement over dentures than I expected.
I initially chose New Smile in part because of the extensive cost savings over US dentists. Even if the treatment was equally expensive as the US I would still use New Smile for anything other than routine dental care.
In short, I think (and have told friends and acquaintances) that anyone who doesn't use New Smile for other than routine dental care is making a serious and expensive mistake. That would be true even if there were no cost savings.
If anyone wants direct personal confirmation I would be happy to respond to emails.
Thanks and great to hear from you again. Tom
Tom Smart
02 July 2019