This experience was so worthwhile!

Good Afternoon Dr. Bonilla:

I hope this email finds you and the entire New Smile Dental Group are doing well. Below is my testimony concerning from dentures to permanent bridges:

First and foremost I want to thank you, Dr. Andrea and staff, for their cordial hospitality and genuine concern for me as an individual. From the beginning to the ending of my trip, I received nothing less than positive communication from the driver, to the receptionist, to the medical assistant, and needless to say you and your assistants. You really have to have a sincere feeling of confidence when having people work in your mouth, especially going from dentures to permanent bridges. No, I won't even go there – any dental work – you need to have a sense of trust and confidence, and that is exactly what I received from New Smile.

I learned about New Smile through one of my most dearest and best girlfriends and really had never even thought about implants or bridges. Since my dentures were in the back and my front teeth looked fine, I was just considering new dentures. This seemed the simple and easy way, with no problems, so go for it (the dentures). However, my girlfriend was instrumental in bringing to my attention the fact that as we get older our jaws sink in when the back dentures are out. Furthermore, I visited a couple of sick family members and without their dentures, they really were even embarrassed to talk. Well, enough of vanity.

After a complete state-of-the-art x-ray of my entire mouth, I sat down with you, and your first question was "Mary, what do you want?" Not a sales pitch, not a medical sermon concerning teeth vs. dentures... just "Mary what do you want?" I explained my entire situation (in greater detail than above) and you were patient and actually listening to me. My girlfriend was with me, because I have found it is better to have four ears listening than two 😊. After my dissertation, you kindly showed me my x-rays and explained what you thought was best for me (two scenarios). One with two implants to make sure the permanent bridges hold even more securely and one with just the permanent bridges. Oh, I omitted my testimony of being zero pain tolerant. Well, something rose up inside of me from our conversation and I indicated I wanted the first with implants and all. Knowing my zero pain tolerance and simple fear of dentists, I could not even believe my own ears.

Now, thinking you, Dr. Bonilla would say, "Okay Mary, let's make an appointment for tomorrow", I was surprised when to hear, "let's get right in the chair". My heart was racing, but I felt a sense of peace and trust that this was going to be alright. Basically painless (because you listened to my cry of zero pain tolerance) other than the noise of the instruments and the anxiety of knowing what we discussed was actually being done right then. Also, I appreciated the instruction that if I felt any discomfort or needed a minute, just raise my left hand and you would pause. Well, I could not believe the work that was done in one day – which I was previously told by my local dentist would take six months to complete. I was wearing a temporary bridge top and bottom in the back with two implants and crowns when I left the New Smile office. Now, I don't want you to think it was not an experience, because it was. However, it was so worthwhile!

I could go on and on about coming back to be fitted for my permanent, etc., which took four days and one day for re-examination after a day of eating. Now, it is now two weeks later and I would like to reiterate again "this experience was so worthwhile!" Less time, less expensive and advanced dental procedures. What a significant improvement to have a mouth full of teeth that don't come out at night 😁. I did not realize the quality of life without dentures would be so sensible, functional and purposeful. Not to mention my smile that I thought even with dentures was not bad from the start, well it is a non-stop fixture on my face – brighter, fuller and more confident (if that is possible for me :). People don't really know what is different about me, but they know it is something. Only me and New Smile know the secret (oh and my best friend who stayed with me through it all).

Thank you is a small word that carries a lot of gratitude. Thank you, Dr. Bonilla and all the New Smile staff.


Mary F. Brown

Mary F. Brown
12 October 2018