Arthur Power Full Oral Rehabilitation with Zirconium Crowns
Arthur Power Procedure: Full oral rehabilitation with individual Zirconium crowns Before The patient was unhappy with the aesthetics of his natural teeth, which were in a bad shape condition and which came to affect his confidence. After Natural teeth were preserved, we make them look better with individual Porcelain zirconium crowns. Modern technology and materials now allow us to treat more cases without removing teeth. A complete change was made making the teeth match in color, shape, and size. This way our patient rediscovered the pleasure of a New Smile.
Mario Bonilla Robert D.D.S. Specialty: Full Mouth Restoration “Every tooth in a man´s head is more valuable than a diamond.” – Miguel de Cervantes. Restoring people´s smile is my passion.  I was trained in Costa Rica and Brazil and have a solid experience in cosmetic dentistry procedures.  I have a 12 years experience in my own dental center and 5 years in placing dental implants. I am certified in the placement of dental implants with formal training in the United States at OCO Biomedical Corporate Headquarters, the world´s leader in immediate load implants (popularly known as same-day implants). I am always looking for improving my knowledge by attending throughout the year several courses and seminars all around the world, mainly on implantology and cosmetics.  This with...